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“Nearly 30 years of experience in the industry coupled with our commitment to sourcing out and roasting the best beans in the world lets us provide our wholesale customers and café patrons with a remarkable coffee experience.”

At Fratello Coffee Roasters, we believe that every varietal of coffee has it’s own unique character — our goal is to share that passion for discovering different flavours and cup profiles with our wholesale customers and the public at large. Consumers are embracing a new, more sophisticated coffee culture and we pride ourselves on helping to shape that culture by introducing new and exciting coffee varietals to coffee lovers all over Western Canada.

Fratello coffee is available through our many wholesale clients as well as our 5 Analog Coffee retail locations: located in the Calgary Farmers’ Market, 17th Avenue SW, Southcentre Mall, Bow Valley Square and in our roastery here in Calgary.

We work directly with farmers in the world’s best coffee growing regions to produce a product that is not only delicious, but also ethically sourced. Roasted by expert coffee professionals at our own roasterie in Calgary, our coffee reflects both our family’s 29 years of experience and our commitment to acting as an innovator in the world of coffee.

Our Coffee
"What I love about coffee is that it’s so involved and is an ever-changing industry, both on the roastery side and the green bean side." Stamatis Papadopoulos coffee roaster

The journey a coffee bean makes from farm to cup is a long one and at Fratello we pay attention to every detail along the way to make sure that the end product is worthy of our brand. From the way we choose our green beans and interact with the farmers who grow them to the time spent profiling cup after cup in our roastery until we get each varietal just right, we don’t let any of our products hit the market until they meet our strict standards of flavour and quality.

Many consumers have heard the term “Direct Trade,” which refers to the purchasing practices of coffee roasters who choose to form direct relationships with the farmers they buy from. At Fratello, Direct Trade isn’t just a method for acquiring our beans — it’s a philosophy that we use to guide the way we do business.

Direct Trade

This process not only gives us a peace of mind when selling our coffee, but also the ability to control flavour and quality. We get to work directly with farmers who are passionate about growing coffee and want to produce the best coffee possible. Unlike many conventional certifications that pay farmers a premium for sound environmental practices (which are also incredibly important), we also pay our partners more money for better quality green, which produces a better tasting coffee. We are choosing to work with farmers that are 100% dedicated to growing coffee, rather than farmers who merely look at coffee as a secondary cash crop they can grow alongside their bananas.

Fratello’s direct trade partners receive approximately 25-35% more money for their coffee than Fairtrade’s published rates. Our goal to expand our relationships to more regions and greater selections from within the regions we already work will be an on-going process and it’s a process that we love.

Our philosophy is simple: financially reward the coffee producers we work with for the quality they produce in order to bring our customers better quality coffee. It’s a win-win.

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