The Good Tee



Next to oil, the apparel industry is the planet’s most destructive industry. However, there’s a way to bring to market products that are ethically produced, sustainable, and certifiably “good”, and that’s where we come in. The Good Tee was created to make it easier for apparel brands to offer responsibly manufactured customized apparel.

Our fair trade certified tees are designed and delivered to you with the environment and ethical manufacture in mind. How we do this: through the good and honest relationships we maintain with our partners and through the 100% transparency of a supply chain which The Good Tee tracks throughout its lifespan - from farm to finished garment right through to delivery. Even after the garment’s life, we have developed a way to avoid waste - a take-back program that helps divert clothing from landfills.


The vision for The Good Tee was originally conceived in 2008 when founder Adila Cokar, a responsible apparel manufacturing consultant, was on a sourcing trip in India and read about the ongoing issue of farmers in India committing suicide. With high levels of illiteracy and limited land holdings, many cotton farmers live in poverty - their sparse livelihoods dependent on middlemen or ginners who often buy their cotton at prices well below the cost of production.

From seed to delivery, fashion - particularly so-called “fast fashion - is known to hurt the planet and the people that produce our goods. Adila’s strong relationships with apparel factories have brought her face to face with the many struggles factories face in the race to get goods shipped on time. That’s why The Good Tee champions responsible manufacture - slower production schedules, ethical working conditions, and fair deals for all.

After receiving fair trade certification, Adila made it her mission to make it easier for businesses to source the kind of supply chain which supports responsibly manufactured apparel.

Our Mission:

To empower businesses to be a positive force for change, by making it easier to sell responsibly made apparel.

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