Granville Island Coffee

Our Story
Granville Island Coffee Company has grown since its inception in 2009 into a leading national brand while maintaining the integrity of its cornerstone commitment, much like Granville Island itself evolved from an industrial wasteland into one of the most successful urban redevelopments in North America.

Our coffee remains true to its founding pledge: to provide a premium coffee experience with a social conscience. Granville Island today boasts reclamation reformation and hosts a vibrant, diverse and dynamic environment where locals and visitors come together to be inspired.

We are like many of the local artisans on the Island, with an insane passion for producing a product we are very proud of. You can taste the love in every sip of our bold cup of coffee.

Because we are proud of the city we call home, our roasts and blends are dedicated to the many treasures in Vancouver such as Stanley Park, Yale Town, and the Lions Gate Bridge. There are numerous blends and single origin roasts to choose from. Regardless of personal preference, one essential ingredient remains constant: premium roasted Fair Trade Certified Organic Coffee.


Our pledge is to give you a premium coffee experience in a way that supports our planet.

Granville Island Coffee roasts the finest Arabica bean. Our farmers are registered Fair Trade and our coffee is certified Organic.
Sustainability is more than just a word. Whether it’s our Green Cup Pod Adapter ™, or our compostable pods for use in single server coffee brewers, for Granville Island Coffee, sustainability is an action.

British Columbia
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