Hamleys Tea and Coffee Company

Hamley's has fresh roasted coffee in Barrie, Ontario

Hamley's Tea & Coffee in Barrie is a coffee roaster with years of experience.

Coffee roasters are designed to change the chemical and physical properties of a fresh coffee bean into a roasted coffee products that you can make into your favourite cup. How you roast will determine the cup you produce if you roast at a higher temperature you will produce a dark roast, if you roast at a cooler temperature you will get a light roast.
Our coffee is roasted fresh right at our store in our state of the art roaster. We work with our clients in providing unique blends tailored to your needs.

Hamley's roasts all coffee onsite, providing our customers with a variety of fresh beans from around the world. We also specialize in organic, Fair Trade and shade grown coffees. Some of our most popular blends include: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Organic Guatemala and Peru, Kenya AA Tembo and Peru Swiss Water Decaf.

Tea & coffee equipment at Hamley's in Barrie

Hamley's Tea & Coffee Company is your expert for all your tea and coffee needs. We have a wide range of tea infusers, coffee equipment, espresso makers, gift baskets, presses, mugs, teapots and other speciality items. Check our website for more information about our Tea and Coffee of Month Club. As your tea and coffee experts, Hamley's is committed to providing you with the finest merchandise to help make you that perfect pot of tea or cup of coffee. Hamley's carries a wide range of products from well respected companies such as Finum, and Bodum. We offer competitive prices and expert knowledge to help you make an informed purchase.

At Hamley's we strive to offer the latest technology for all our tea and coffee devices. From tea baskets to espresso machines we have everything for those tea and coffee connoisseurs. Please take a moment to browse our online selection.

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