Hamro Village

About Hamro

Hamro Village is a wholesaler of ethical products that are handcrafted using indigenous techniques of Nepal. The majestic Himalayas, the rugged mountains and the flora and fauna form the character of Nepal’s 47 different ethnic groups, and this is reflected in uniqueness of Hamro products.

We offer you the complete story, from our designers in Toronto to finished products in Nepal and the real encounter with the artisans on the ground that will inspire you to embark on a creative journey of your own.

Hamro Village is socially and environmentally responsible and is built on the principles of Fair Trade. We believe in transparency based on open dialogue and respect with our artisans to ensure better conditions and greater equity. We are dedicated to supporting the low income and economically deprived artisans. It is through  utilizing the artisan’s craftmanship that we are able to provide many people with an income, which, in turn is used to feed families and send children to school.

Why Hamro

We are fair trade.
Hamro Village is socially responsible and is built on the principles of Fair Trade. Our mission is to design and deliver the ultimate handcrafted gifts that serves a purpose. Every product that we sell brings our artisans/producers closer to their dreams of self-empowerment, enabling them to earn an honest living. We follow Fair Trade principles where we retain a close working relationship with our producers thus preserving over all fairness, respect and trust. Our model is centered on the economic empowerment of marginalized producers. In providing them with more work, paying them a fair wage and treating them with dignity, we are making a huge difference in their lives, the lives of their children and society at large.

We offer modern products which are developed using indiginious handcrafting techniques.
Our focus is on simplicity and originality. We scour far-flung villages for indigenous handcrafting techniques that use age-old traditions. Our aim is to design, develop and deliver the ultimate in gifts and decor. With a keen eye for craftsmanship, we pride ourselves on paying attention to the smallest of details, and acquiring that something special, which makes each item an unique piece.

We are an original company
Most of our prodcuts are designed in Toronto by our inhouse designers and are made under fair trade standards in Nepal by our producer groups.

We are environmentally-friendly
We do not acquire our products at a terrible cost to the environment, nor to the people that produce it. Our producers are situated in far-flung rural Himalayan villages where they leave some of the smallest of environmental footprints in the world allowing us to state, with confidence, that we add no pollution to the environment in the production of our products.

We help you to reach out to more customers’ thorugh our social media (Twitter, Facebook)
Any information that you would like to share about your business, such as new store, special sale, new product introduction, church sale, fund raising, event etc. Write to us at info@hamrovillage.com

We help you create fair trade awareness which will enhance your company’s social responsibility.
All our products come with the story of the artisan who made the product.

What is Fair Trade?
It is a system of creating a better world. As simple as that. A system that makes us a responsible global citizen. In regards to the “formal defination” fo fair trade, The Fair Trade Federation says: “Fair Trade is a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency, and respect. This system of exchange seeks to create greater equity and partnership in the international trading system".

Social consumerism is gaining popularity in North America as consumers begin to ask where the products come from, who makes them and what are they made of. Keeping this in mind Hamro Village has built it’s foundation as an ethical company that always supports good causes.

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