Heritage Coffee

History of Heritage Coffee

In 1980, the Heritage Coffee Company was born. A modest beginning with people of industry renown, Heritage would prove to be one of the best coffee roasting companies in North America. Stuart Daw, Chairman of the Board, first started in coffee back in 1950 with the old Club Coffee Company. He soon started out on his own and went on to found such companies as Stuart’s Branded Foods, Red Carpet Coffee Service, Goodhost foodservice and notable other enterprises.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable production and maintenance staff have unique talents for equipment modification which has given Heritage valuable technological advantages in the roasting and packaging processes essential to product excellence. Many of our other employees have been in the coffee industry for more than 20 years and were with the company at its inception. Gaining invaluable experience, the new generation of dedicated coffee people are drawing from the wealth of experience provided by the veterans to ensure Heritage’s place well into the future.

 Our roasting plant is situated in London Ontario, serving the North American market as well as catering to specialty products with destinations as far away as . Some of the most innovative technologies in quality control are incorporated into the production routine. The latest processing and roasting equipment have updated our bank of machines further enhancing the consistency and quality of our products.


Heritage carries the designation COR 173 from the Kachruth Council of Toronto. Heritage is also certified as a Fair Trade producer as well as an Organic processor by Pro-Cert.

Our product line of coffees range from the institutional, foodservice coffee to rare gourmet exotic coffees in bean form. A wide variety of flavoured coffees also complements Heritage’s product line of fine coffees. There are over 50 flavours to choose from making Heritage one of the most prolific flavoured coffee companies in Canada.

In addition to our roasting and packaging operations, Heritage has expanded its production to include our soluble plant. Producing instant cappuccinos under the trade name Victorian Inn, Ultra Whip Hot Chocolate and various other soluble products, our quality output is recognized as one of the best in the business.

Available Products: