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About Us

Hillside Coffee and Tea specializes in organic fair trade coffees, locally sourced organic teas and in-house baking and cooking from muffins and cakes to soups and sandwiches with lots of Gluten Free options.‎ We are also fully licensed and serve locally brewed beers on tap along with wine, spirits and specialty drinks.

Located across from Hillside Mall with over 2000 square feet of ample seating, we have become home to students and locals alike.  We're the place to meet whether for business or fun.

Our Coffee

We boast long hours, live music, stand up comedy and a poetry night every Friday.  So if you're looking for a comfortable place to hang out any time of day, Hillside Coffee and Tea is sure to have what you're looking for.

We use 100% arabica beans, they are 100% fair trade.  We put all our six senses into choosing the coffee we serve on a daily basis.  On any day of the year you can rely on us to provide your taste buds with mildly roasted Ethiopian Yergacheffe and Dark French roast.  Our espresso drinks are made with Espresso Toscano which makes a very smooth, rich and delicious cup.

We also have feature coffees.  With the help of our Q-certified roaster we find gems from all around the world and bring them to our shop.  They originate from small farms and each of them have their own unique story. They are always roasted in small batches and they are of a limited supply which usually lasts from two to three month.  Come by and see what part of this wonderful world your cup of coffee will take you today.

Coffee and Certifications

Being one of the world's most popular items, there are a lot of opinions and information (and certifications) thrown about.  Some feel organic is the way it all should be, others argue for fair trade and some for bird friendly.

In response to many coffee growing horror stories (see Black Gold), certifications exploded in coffee during the 1990s and the start of the new millenium.  This was a positive response to many negative situations found throughout the world and allowed customers to have greater knowledge and control over the ethics of a product they purchased so consistently. It led to a more sustainable industry for smaller farmers in the form of controlled pricing (Fair Trade); it led to more environmentally conscious growing practices (Certified Organic); it led to greater efforts to conserve and manage rainforests (Rainforest Alliance); and it even led to a greater awareness of birds who move through regions growing coffee (Shade Grown).

British Columbia
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