A. Holliday & Company Inc

Drinking it is a pastime. Sourcing it, an extreme sport

Sourcing tea and coffee is not a pursuit for the faint-of-heart. Many varieties are grown and harvested in some of the most remote and inaccessible corners of the world. As you can imagine, a successful tea and coffee facilitator is not only well traveled in these regions, but also well connected within their markets and ports.

For many years, we have traveled to the farthest reaches of the globe to connect our customers with the world’s best teas and coffees. Our knowledge of these regions is second to none, and our relationships within them are unparalleled. We source, test and ship every one of our tea and coffee products. This extends to every stage of our import and delivery process – from plantation to port, from back door to front door.

About us

For over 50 years, our founder Andy Holliday connected clients with a wide variety of teas and coffees. He began his career in 1961, joining what was then one of the world’s largest and most renowned tea trading houses. After acquiring first-hand knowledge of the most robust tea regions of Asia and India – and a meteoric rise to a senior position in the company – in 1975 he founded A. Holliday & Company Inc.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2015, AHC has grown from a modest one-room operation to a full-service operation with its own in-house tasting facility. With AHC’s worldwide market and import connections, there is no order too large for AHC to handle.

Our Product

Our Coffee portfolio ranges in the soluble coffee category. The varieties of these coffee’s include regular powder, agglomerated, freeze dried and coffee concentrates. Our coffees are sourced globally from the most exotic locale to the most popular growing origins in the world. We offer conventional, certified organic, decaffeinated, and custom matching using either Arabica, Robusta or a blend of beans.

The tea products we import are as diverse as their countries of origin. Our line of teas ranges from the most delicate white tea to the most complex black teas, with various grades, colour and profiles. Our Tea menu is available conventional, or certified organic.

Every one of our products is tested for quality and freshness. To ensure our products are of the highest possible quality, our Canadian headquarters is equipped with its own sampling and tasting lab.


Available Products: