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Who is Karma Coffee

We are the freshest, certified organic, ethically sourced, coffee around! We realize that sounds like we're boasting, but it's the truth, so why not boast a little. At Karma Coffee, we care about the environment, we care about the farmer, and just as important, we care about you.

To prove it, we roast only the best, ethically sourced, certified organic beans available. And we roast in small batches, fresh for you every week. Our unique small-batch roasting process guarantees that you get consistently great coffee every single time. You may or may not know that typically commercial coffee companies, and even micro-coffee companies, roast in batches of 100 to 450 pounds, or more. We only roast between 20 and 60 pounds of beans at a time. Some even refer to us as a "nano-roaster" and we're proud of it!

Just like those home-made cookies grandma used to lovingly make when you visited, our coffee has that same quality: like it was roasted just for you - because quite literally, it was!

Customers who have travelled the world sampling coffees tell us that ours is the best they've ever tasted and ask what we feel contributes to that great taste. We tell them that first of all, we spend a lot of time finding beans that meet our specifications: strictly certified organic, ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, top quality beans. Second, we roast in small batches (just like grandma's cookies). Then we tell them our trade secret, the essential third ingredient:

What makes Karma Coffee so darn good is that we care. Our roast-master, Stephane love to roast their beans for you, and it shows in every single cup!" And that is our trade secret.

All of us at Karma Coffee would like to thank our loyal customers who've been selling, buying and brewing great Karma for years. Without you, we wouldn't be where we are.

For our new customers who have just been introduced to us, we hope you sample our different blends and come to enjoy some of the world's finest coffee beans, freshly roasted with pride, by a small Vancouver Island company that really cares.

Ethically Sourced Organic Karma Coffee
Think of coffee roasting in a cast iron fry pan, on a wood cook stove, tended by two barefoot, long john clad Gulf Island originals, wiping the sleep from their eyes, and you've come pretty close to the roots and passion of our small Vancouver Island based coffee roasting company.

It's a long way from the streets of Seattle and the line-ups at your local specialty coffee house. Karma Coffee, like all of its products, grew organically from the wood stove to friends, to local fairs and festivals, to an operation that now supplies ethically sourced, shade grown, bird friendly, fair trade and certified organic roasted coffee beans to many like-minded coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants and individuals like you all across Canada.

With a variety of well blended and light heartedly named coffees, Karma Coffee has become a well known Vancouver Island brand, famous for great taste and a willingness to remain loyal to its name by donating its time, talents and products to many worthwhile community efforts both locally and globally.

Coffee, the second most traded commodity next to oil, could truly be considered as the World's alternative energy source. Beginning as the lifeblood of the land for many subsistence growers, coffee flows through the veins of our cultures and our commerce, sustaining families, countries, and a multitude of daily endeavors with energy, inspiration, comfort, and a means of making a living.

Our Karma, the sum total of our actions, is a consequence of the many decisions we make every day of our lives. At Karma Coffee we are committed to sustaining a vibrant planet through right actions and right intentions. Our mandate is to offer you the finest quality, ethically sourced, certified organic, freshly roasted, and best tasting coffee you've ever had. We invite you to try some today!

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