About Us

Kencaf Importing & Distributing Inc. came into being in June of 1992. It is a corporation that was founded by Mr. M. Jaffer Panju. The focus of the company is sourcing out quality green coffee from around the world and bringing it to our customers in North America.

Mr. Panju has extensive experience in the coffee business from the days in the 1950’s when their company was purchasing coffee from farmers in Kenya and exporting it around the world. In 1973 he moved to Canada and formed Panbro International which was in the business of importing and reselling of green coffee. Kencaf came about after Panbro International wrapped up its business.

Today, the company is run by Mr. Panju’s son Naushad Panju who joined the business in 1995. Together and with the rest of the staff at Kencaf, there is a joint coffee business experience of over 60 years!

Our business is to source out quality green Coffee from around the world. We stock a variety of green coffees from about 50 coffee growing countries from around the world.  We offer: specialty coffees, unwashed Arabica, Robusta, Decaffeinated, Organic and Fair Trade Organic green coffees on a regular basis.

We also source unique green coffees from countries that offer eco-friendly sustainable farming, ‘microlot’, rain forest alliance certified, bird friendly shade grown coffee and more.

Since the early 1970’s we have managed to build a network of growers, distributors, middlemen, coffee growing associations and cooperatives in a number of countries. Our green coffee comes from all these connections in our network from around the world. We have storage facilities in Canada and the USA from where the coffee is shipped to our valued customers throughout North America.

We are a nimble company that can supply to large roasters by the container load as well as small boutique roasters that work with a few bags to create their unique niche blends.

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