Kicking Horse Coffee

We make coffee.

More specifically, we make coffee that kicks ass, and we’ve done it for over 20 years.

It’s exceptional tasting coffee. And that could be why we’re Canada’s #1 selling Whole Bean coffee.

But it could also be because all our coffee is Organic. And all our coffee is Fairtrade. And it’s all deep and delicious, roasted right in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It could also be because our customers are loyal, fervent and demand goodness in every cup.

And it’s not just our coffee that’s good. We were named the #1 Best Workplace in Canada by Great Place to Work® in 2018. We were named a 2015 Fairtrade favourite product. We know how to work hard and have fun. And we think we’re just getting started.

We believe great coffee is the answer to many things.

But our question to the world is,

"How will you wake up and kick ass with us?"

Once upon a time two young entrepreneurs grew restless of travelling. They wanted more wonder, and less wander. And they figured it was time to settle down and do something. Something big.

They picked a product they were passionate about: coffee. They chose the Canadian Rocky Mountains, near Invermere BC as the place where they would live, work and play.

In 1996 they got down to the business of hard, hot work; roasting small batches of good beans in their garage, and selling the freshest, best-tasting coffee they possibly could.

Though the ‘garage’ has grown bigger and there’s a lot more beans, it’s basically been the same business ever since.

Kicking Horse® Coffee is still located in Invermere, BC, situated beneath towering Canadian Rocky Mountain peaks. Nearly 120 people now work with us. The Kicking Horse® Café is located on site, and is a destination for Kicking Horse® Coffee aficionados. And each day is simply another opportunity to wake up and make Kick Ass® coffee!

British Columbia
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