Why Choose Koolskools
Do you sometimes wonder where the cotton in your garments comes from, and whether the farmers are being paid fairly?...
Have you seen the media coverage of horrific “sweatshop” clothing factory conditions in developing countries, leading you to question where and how your garments are made?...
Would you like to be able to do something about this, and help the impoverished cotton farmers and exploited factory workers when buying your school clothes?...

…Well, by buying Koolskools Fairtrade cotton school uniform you can make a difference and a direct contribution to changing the ugly face of the global textiles industry for the better.

Koolskools firmly believes in trade and not aid; in offering a hand up and not a hand out.
Our mission is to trade fairly at both ends of the supply chain. All our clothes contain Fairtrade certified cotton meaning that the cotton farmers are receiving a fair price for their crop and a little extra to help develop their communities.

Beyond the cotton farmers, our factories are all signed up to Fairtrade Minimum Standards and the Koolskools Ethical Trading Pledge, meaning that all our factory workers are paid well above the national minimum wage, there is decent health and safety, there is no child labour or enforced overtime, and so on. In other words, we strive to ensure that all of the workers in our chain enjoy decent rates of pay and working conditions.

At the customer end of the chain, we are passionate that the UK school students that buy Koolskools labelled Fairtrade certified cotton garments are not only guaranteed a high quality garment at a fair price, but that they can also enjoy the benefits of free Koolskools Fairtrade education, and thereby properly understand why their respective schools have made an ethical school uniform choice.

So when buying a Koolskools ethically manufactured garment made with Fairtrade cotton you are getting so much more than a standard item of clothing…you are making a personal and direct contribution to a better, fairer world.

What We Provide
-Top quality, ethically manufactured, stylish and price competitive Fairtrade cotton garments for schools and corporates.
-Free Fairtrade education, for example working with Koolskools could support your school's application to all 3 levels of Fairtrade school status (Fair Aware, Fair  Active and Fair Achiever).
-Direct sourcing from some of the top apparel manufacturers in the world who are FLO* certified to handle Fairtrade cotton.
-A simple solution to shopping online for Fairtrade certified cotton school clothes, so that your school can include Koolskools as an ethical school uniform choice.
-An online sizing utility to find the perfect size garment.

What We Have Achieved
-A UK-wide reputation as the No 1 supplier of school uniform made with Fairtrade cotton.
-The establishment of a chain of manufacturing in developing countries that enables us to import consistently high quality and affordable Fairtrade certified cotton garments.
-Industry recognition through ethical business awards, for example “Best Fairtrade Business in the South West 2015”, for the second year running, at the South West Fairtrade Business Awards in Bristol in March 2015.

Our Unique Partnership With Schools
-On-going and long-term Koolskools/client school educational partnerships, where the students learn about Fairtrade cotton and the fair trade movement more widely through our project.
-A fun online community to involve and teach students about the importance of Fairtrade cotton.
-Fair trade movement-supported Koolskools project inter-active presentations to client schools, where the students learn all about Fairtrade cotton in a practical, business-orientated way.

The Koolskools supply chain and Fairtrade Cotton
The Koolskools vision is to establish a unique ethical manufacturing and supply chain, using exclusively Fairtrade cotton, that benefits everyone buying into it - producers, manufacturers and customers alike.

One of Koolskools main aims through sourcing Fairtrade cotton is to make a long term contribution to the ability of Fairtrade cotton producers in developing countries to shape and enhance their own lives.

Koolskools can achieve that, but your help in buying our Fairtrade cotton garments is crucial.

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