La Tierra Cooperativa Coffee

About Us

Café La Tierra Coop, located in Gatineau (Quebec), is proud to present our line of specialty coffees. We roast our high-quality coffees slowly and in small batches in order to fully bring out the unique flavours of each bean. Our coffee beans are sourced from the highest rated growing areas of the world, like Yirgacheffe in Ehtipia, Atitlan in Guatemala and Sumatra in Indonesia.

Our mandate is to offer a stimulating environment and unique job opportunities to our members. Café La Tierra Coop is composed of working members as well as supporting members who decide together of the social and economic orientation of the cooperative!

Café La Tierra Coop is a socially-responsible enterprise as well as an enterprise that is committed the cooperative movement as the whole production chain is cooperative. From our green coffee importer to the coffee producers down south, everyone has a democratic impact within their enterprises.

Café La Tierra Coop is preoccupied by the state of the coffee producers down South and that is why Fair Trade commerce and organic production is a necessity for us to ensure sustainable long-term relationships. Our outreach continues in our community through our participation in local markets and by our support for community-oriented activities!

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