Las Lomas Wines

OUR MISSION: What is our purpose?
Through mutual cooperation, projecting sustainably viticulture and wine production quality of the coastal interior dryland of Chile.

OUR VISION: What do we get?
Being a recognized and preferred worldwide for its wines that best represent the identity of our terroir vineyard with history and tradition.


All the vineyards, not only from the cooperative, but also from the associate, are located in the province of Cauquenes.

The morphology of the landscape is formed by a group of valleys and smooth rolling hills near the Pacific Ocean. This condition generates a microclimate which is highly appropriate for the growth of the vide, with abundant rain during winter and hot weather during summer, strong difference of temperature between day and night, clear skies and a great exposure to the sun, characteristics that together with the properties of the soil contribute to the generation of an excellent wine production.

The company controls more than 1,500 has of vineyards in different agro-climatic zones such as Molco, Sauzal, Santo Toribio, Quella, Pocillas, Coronel de Maule, Pilén and central Cauquenes. Their common characteristic is the topography; smooth rolling hills and lack of water resources, which give the wine of this zone its notable character.

Organic wine -growing

The growing of the vine has its origin as a productive activity in the eighth region, however now we can only find that practice in the vines from the cost dry lands of Cauquenes thanks to the highly rustic nature of the native stocks. It could be said then that from 1541 to 1940 approximately the vine was organically grown in Chile and therefore this kind of agriculture was the norm for nearly 400 years

What is an organic wine?
In simple terms, it is elaborated from grapes produced without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or any other synthetic chemical product. It is a wine elaborated with native yeasts, under an environment-friendly process and properly certified as organic. Lomas de Cauquenes Vineyard is pioneer in the production of organic wines as it was the first vineyard in Chile that produced the FIRST ORGANIC WINE during the 1997–1998 vintage

Thanks to the approach of the oenologist Claudio Barria, a long road was started and its purpose was the search of opportunities for the small producers of grapes, mainly Pais stock, plants of which do not produce more tan 4,000 kg/ha.

These plants are head-pruned (very low plants at ground level without a wire structure) and without any irrigation than the rains that fall during Winter season. This performance is very low but help to obtain wines with excellent anti-oxidant levels (poliphenoles that avoid the generation of cancerous tumors), a high concentration of fruit and a good color.

Today we are proud of being the vineyard with more experience and tradition in organic wines in Chile. We are certified by IMO-Suiza, one of the most demanding organization in the world. The soul of our wines is found in our vineyards, a terroir free of pollution that threats the lands located near the cities. The land is connected with their people who are the spirit of these wines produced from the work of the families, which is not another business but the tradition and pride of their grandparent and children. Even though they are small farmers, they can make a living out of their lands since they get a fair trade for their wines.

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