Malleable Jewellers

Originally hailing from London, England, I was tired with the jewellery scene in its traditional & very rigid nature. I needed to find a place that I could call home where I could easily express my vibrancy through my work. What better place than Toronto, Canada.

People have often asked “why the name Malleable?”. That is due to its definition: being pliable, pressed out of shaped whilst not breaking. That is my ethos to jewellery design, to discover and learn new techniques in which align with my clients’ desires; being pressed out of the shape of old patterns whilst not breaking.

Jewellery is an expression of the uniqueness & boldness of the wearers personality, and I have had the privilege to transform clients’ ideas into tangible, wearable pieces of jewellery that express these qualities.
Being a certified HRD diamond grader and having a background in gemmology I am able to source the right gemstone for you whilst accounting for aesthetic & budget considerations.

I have always found it alienating when companies send people from pillar to post with their pieces of jewellery. However, within my network, I take clients through the full process of formulating ideas to designing, casting, or handcrafting, to polishing and gem setting.

Available Products: