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About Us

Melitta is synonymous the world over with coffee indulgence. Our secret, we use only 100% high altitude Arabica coffee beans – the very best coffee beans in the world. And for over 100 years, everything we’ve done has been done with one goal in mind, to make the perfect cup of coffee. Because in today’s busy world, too many people are overscheduled, over stressed and badly in need of some Me-time. So when all the stars finally align and you have some time just for you, that’s when you deserve the very best there is. That’s why Me-time is Melitta time.

At Melitta we believe good coffee has cachet – it’s delicious, adds richness to your daily routine, and turns Me-time into something truly special. And as ambassadors of Me-time we reward those who embrace the Me-time way of life with exciting contests and promotions. So don’t wait, become a fan today.


Our World Harvest organic coffees are 100% Fair Trade certified, which means Melitta and its customers support a better life for farming families through fair prices, direct trade, community development, and environmental sustainability.

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