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About Our Coffee
We specialize in Fair Trade, Arabica coffee beans, from plants grown at elevations above 3,000 feet.  Research has shown that the higher up the slopes coffee is grown, the fewer acidic and caffeine properties they hold.  Less acid means more rich coffee taste and is much easier on our digestive and nervous systems.  Some of our coffees are grown as high as 5,000 feet.

Most of our coffee beans, from 15 countries around the world, are certified organic.  Why is this important? Green coffee beans are porous. Pesticides easily penetrate the beans (and other plant parts).  What doesn't get destroyed in the roasting process, we ingest.  The whole world benefits from fewer pesticides and chemicals.  Some of our coffees are also grown in United Nations Bird Sanctuaries.

Custom Coffee
The roasting process also has an effect on coffee flavour.  Our roasting process is similar to that of a large air-popper: the beans are suspended in hot air, roasting the coffee in half the time of other roasters.  The result is a uniform roast without compromising rich flavour.

We tailor coffees to your taste by offering a custom roast - only 8 pounds at a time.  Bulk coffee roasting (several hundred pounds at a time) compared with custom roasting is like preparing a meal for 1,000 people vs. a gourmet dinner for two.  We take pride in our ability to meet the demands of a wide variety of tastebuds.

Coffee roast is an individual preference.  Medium roasted coffee offers layers of flavour, while French (dark) roasted coffee eliminates the layers and cut right to the coffee taste.  Some describe coffee taste as nutty, or fruity, sharp, full, thin and a wide variety of other descriptions.  What matters most is how satisfying the flavour is to you.

Our roasted beans are currently being sold locally, as well as shipped regionally and across North America.  We guarantee freshness by roasting and shipping our orders within 48 hours of ordering.

We invite you to let us satisfy your palate with our premium coffees, and to treat your family and friends no matter where they are. 

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