Merchants of Green Coffee

About Us

Like our early seafaring predecessors, we are voyagers; seeking to establish an ideal supply channel for trading coffee. Using our modern telescopes, we’ve been observing and learning from past and present practices in order to improve the overall standards of trading coffee today.

Out of respect, we set our standards high; and by doing so, we aim to set a precedent for truly great coffee. What exactly defines a coffee as “truly great”?

For starters, it must be fresh. We specialize in trading green coffee beans so that roasting can be performed as close as possible to the time and location of consumption. We also choose to deal exclusively in 100% premium arabica beans; grown organically, at high elevations in mixed canopy forests.

A truly great coffee must also be responsible. We feel that our mindful and progressive business practices address this need, as well our as flagship coffee: Cafe Solar®; a first-of-its-kind coffee that’s processed using renewable energy. We stand firm on fair trade, purchasing directly from farmers’ co-ops and small farms, whenever possible. Striving to simplify the coffee supply chain, we bring our coffee farmers’ beans to our local farmers’ markets.

Last but not least, a truly great coffee must delight the senses. We invite you to try our coffee, savour different origins, and discover exactly what great coffee should taste like. All of our coffee is packaged in biodegradable bags. We share the art of roasting coffee. We spread enlightenment through coffee education.We use bicycles for coffee delivery. We wake up to coffee every morning and recognize that we can’t live without it. We will climb the highest mountain and shout it out to the world: “We love coffee!” And, we feel that it deserves our respect. From tree to cup, we respect our coffee’s entire journey.

Our Mission Statement

“To deliver the best-tasting coffee experience to discerning consumers through a supply chain with integrity and  a unique commitment to quality.

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