Mountain Gem Coffee

What does Mountain Gems mean you might ask…  A Gem, by definition, is a precious or semiprecious stone, especially when cut and polished or engraved. So how does it relate to coffee? As it grows, coffee is a fruit that looks like a small berry. Vibrant green or yellow, and bright red when ready to be picked. One might say these berries resemble precious jewels or gems, but it’s more than that. To us these berries are the bounty of the mountains. And while they may not be valuable in the way a diamond or emerald might be, to us, these are the most precious and priceless gems the earth has to offer.

Our Story

We love coffee and are passionate about providing the best available to you – the discerning coffee drinker! With roots in the coffee business dating back to the late 60’s, we’ve watched the industry grow and evolve into what it is today. Mountain Gems offers premium fair trade and organic coffee from some of the most famous coffee growing regions in the world. When we started it in 2008, we had three varieties (hummingbird, French Riviera and Sumatra) and sold our first bag at a local organic market in Toronto. Now our lineup has been expanded to seven varieties and is available for sale at many natural health food stores across Canada and on our website. Through our partnership with Fairtrade Canada, and the transparent trade program, we give back to the coffee growers who share our passion for the world’s greatest beverage. With every purchase of mountain gems fair trade organic coffee, a premium is paid to the farmers to ensure fair wages; furthermore, we also contribute funds to be reinvested it back into enriching their communities. It is important to reduce our carbon footprint and support the environment through sustainable organic farming practices; protecting the diversity of nature, while celebrating the richness of the coffee lands.

FairTrade - All Mountain Gems Coffees are certified by FairTrade; the premium paid is used to help ensure fair wages for coffee farmers, and help them enrich their families and communities.  For more information, click here

Why Fairtrade is Important to us

Just as we are dependent on coffee to get through a hard day’s work, it is also the most valuable and widely traded tropical agricultural product. Around 125 million people worldwide depend on coffee for their livelihoods, however, many of the 25 million small holder farmers who produce 80% of the world’s coffee fail to earn a reliable living.

Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.

It’s about supporting the development of thriving farmer and worker communities that have more control over their futures and protecting the environment in which they live and work.

And it’s your opportunity to connect with the people who grow the produce and make the products that we all depend on.

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