Muldoons' Own

Our Story

Meet Jimmy and Shaun Muldoon: two men who have committed their lives to making the best coffee available. To bringing offices like yours the kind hand-roasted coffees that you can typically only find in specialty cafes. From the moment they set foot in Canada, Jimmy and Shaun Muldoon wanted to make coffee so good that word of mouth would be the only advertising they’d need. And for over 25 years, they have quietly grown to become the best-in-class in corporate office coffee services.

The Muldoon brothers had a simple plan. They combined the best green coffees with old-world, time honored, slow roasting methods to create their signature collection.   Then they set out to create an innovative, environmentally friendly way to share their creations with your office: a state of the art brewing systems that featured biodegradable singles. It’s the convenience and variety of modern single-cup coffee, without any of the environmental impact.

Then they put together a group of dedicated people with an unsurpassed commitment to quality and genuine customer service.   How do they do it? We’ll let them take it from here.

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