Since 2002 we have been actively traveling to Africa to source the unique and authentic! Our current focus is Shona Sculpture from Zimbabwe, Namibian Gems and Minerals and Natural History, Skulls and Bones from South Africa.

We sell both wholesale from our Toronto warehouse location  and retail  on our online shop and ship accross Canada, USA and worldwide. If you are not located in Toronto but would like to review our gallery please email us to request our catalog.

In 2002 Nharo artisans encouraged and inspired a working relationship. Traveling to distant African villages and settlements, we continue to strengthen our direct connection with African craftspeople.

Our journey takes us along the banks of the Zambezi and the Okavango rivers, to the mountains of the Namib, into the depths of the Kalahari sands and through the green hills of southern Africa.

Nharo seeks to bring works that represent the cultures of the tribal people of Africa to North America. For more information on our products, wholesale opportunities or any other inquiries contact us today!

Fair Trade 100% Unrefined African Shea Butter

Our Fair Trade Certified 100% natural unrefined African shea butter comes from Burkina Faso, West Africa. Shea nuts are collected from nature, and not cultivated, making the product organic and biodynamic. We sell both retail and wholesale. Fair Trade unrefined African Shea Butter is of excellent quality and you are guaranteed to have a Shea Butter produced in conditions that respect the environment as well as the women producers.

Natural shea butter is manually churned and traditionally extracted with no chemicals. It is whitish or yellowish in colour, silky in texture, and has a distinctive smell.

Unrefined shea butter is rich in unsaponifiable matter, essential fatty acids, natural latex, and vitamins A, D, E, F, & K. All the things that one’s skin loves!

In contrast, refined shea butter is very white with little or no scent, meaning that most of its distinct properties have been lost.

10 Reasons to choose 100% pure unrefined Shea Butter
-It treats dark spots, skin discolorations, stretch marks and blemishes
-Shea butter encourages regeneration of skin tissue and skin hydration
-Shea butter has a natural sunscreen protection  (SPF 15)
-Heals dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and minor burns
-Repairs cracked heels and elbows
-Moisturizes and reduces irritation after shaving
-Improves scars due to its anti-inflammatory properties
-Excellent for massages, diaper rash, and as a hair conditioner (Tip: Do a shea butter mask once a week to nourish & protect hair from dryness & breakage)
-It’s a healthy massage oil for kids & babies
-Excellent for pets! shea butter is rich in vitamin K; Vetenerians use it as a natural remedy when pets ingest poison.

100% pure unrefined shea butter is naturally extracted from the nut of an edible fruit. For centuries West Africans have used it for cooking and as a lotion. Today, in North America and Europe, it is being used in margarines and as a substitute for cocoa in chocolates.

When buying shea butter make sure it’s 100% pure unrefined Grade A (Organic & Fair trade-certified). Fair trade breaks the cycle of poverty. It guarantees that women producers are not exploited by offering them a stable purchase price, higher than that of the traditional market!

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