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About Us

We roast when you order, so you get the freshest, best tasting coffee possible, delivered right to your door. What could be better!

Your coffee is roasted and shipped the same day your order is placed so you get the freshest, best tasting coffee possible. And since we sell our coffees exclusively online, you also get it at the best price!!

We only roast the world’s best arabica beans with more than 33 single origin coffee types, many of them Fair Trade organic. Discover also our exclusive and delicious house blends!! When you order for the first time, don’t hesitate to request some samples in the “comments” field of your order, so you can get to know us better.

Our Secret

What sets apart, is that we only buy a first quality selection of the world’s best arabica coffee beans. Many commercial brands offer a blend of arabica and robusta to cut costs. Wikipedia says this about robusta Coffee:

Robusta is easier to care for and has a greater crop yield than the other major species of coffee, Coffea arabica, and, because of this, is cheaper to produce. Since arabica beans are often considered superior, robusta is usually limited to use as a filler in lower-grade coffee blends. It is also often included in instant coffee, and in espresso blends to promote the formation of “crema”.

So our commitment to you, is to offer you only the best quality coffee beans and roast them right before shipping to maximize freshness. All that at incredible prices!

What’s the secret of our competitive prices?
-Our coffees are packaged in plain, airtight bags, without artifice.
-We use recycled boxes to ship them so, don’t be surprised to receive your order in a box of canned goods or other similar items.
-We only sell our products online so, no store, no call center and no sales people which keeps our operating costs at minimum.
-Fast delivery through Canada Post by your regular letter carrier.
-All these savings are reflected in our prices.

And guarantees fast delivery because, ideally, coffee is at its best when it is freshly roasted (your order is shipped the same day if you order before 10 am)

Why purchase Fair Trade coffee from

Because our personal choices as consumers have a real impact in our world and contribute to making a difference! offers 100% arabica gourmet coffees (no robusta) that help raise the living standards of farmers all over the world while protecting the environment. All of our Fair Tade coffees are also certified organic.

What is Fair Trade coffee
Coffee growers work extremely hard under difficult conditions every day. They are the first link in the long chain of coffee trading, which is the second largest commodity in world markets after oil. Yet, they constitute one of the poorest groups in the world. Fair Trade commerce is a way for cooperatives of small coffee growers to face a difficult global market. Fair Trade organizations across the world buy directly from these cooperatives and develop long term relationships with them, paying a fair price for their coffee and improving the living conditions of growers. For consumers, the price of Fair Trade coffee is just a few pennies more per cup. A small difference for us, a huge difference for them.

All of our Fair Trade coffees are also certified organic, which means that not only does it help raise living standards for farmers and workers, but it also helps protect the environment with sustainable growing practices.

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