Organic Gardens

About Us

-Ceylon Organics Limited – A Canadian based company marketing tea since year 2000
-Managed by professionals with years of experience in the tea growing, manufacturing and marketing.

Ceylon Organics Limited was founded in the new millennium, by a fourth generation tea master who has managed large commercial tea plantations for nearly two decades.

Having witnessed the damages biocide pollution could cause to life and environment, he decided to promote products which are produced strictly adhering to sustainable agricultural practices and Fair Trade principles and offer them at affordable prices. The result is “Organic Garden” teas.

The key players of our business come from families that own and manage tea plantations for generations. This unique background gives them an integral knowledge and understanding of taste and flavour in tea. Built on this is their experience of marketing tea in North America which brings to you this exotic range of teas.

Our mission is to create awareness among people, of the health and the environmental benefits derived from organic foods that would make this world a better place to live and endorsing the FairTrade principles by transferring a portion of the value to the work force that produces these organic foods, to enhance their socio-economy needs.

Our vision is to provide the consumers with high quality organic foods that conform to stringent organic standards and come from reliable and guaranteed sources and to ensure that with the growth in market share, the economic benefits are passed on to the consumer.

Organic Garden - The Market

Tea – is the most consumed liquid after water. Tea is also the most inexpensive herbal drink despite being rich in health benefits. The demand for organic tea is growing around the globe as consumers are increasingly embracing natural and organic products – largely due to health and wellness concerns. The sale of organic beverages grew 97% in North America in the past few years and this phenomenal sales growth is expected to continue. There is also a growing demand for Fair Trade Certifies products as consumers are equally concerned about the welfare of the work force that produce the products they consume.

In this context Organic Garden teas can be particularly valuable because they are 100% organically produced and certified by world-renowned organic inspection Agencies. They are also Fair Trade Certified.  In spite of the economy gloom, Organic Garden tea sales keep growing every year!

Organic Garden – The Product

Organic Garden teas are the freshest and most flavourful teas available in Canada today. We aren’t just claiming it but proving it by offering you a garden fresh Fair Trade Certified Organic tea that is:
-Produced in a single garden located high up in the mountains, where pure mountain air and crystal clear streams produce the finest teas in the world.
-Carefully selected by a fourth generation Tea Master
-Brought directly from the plantation to the store shelves with minimum delay.
-Hand- picked and processed in a state of the art production facility to make it taste like the
-“Champagne” of teas”!
-Traceable to the tea bush as traceability is very important when claimed to be certified organic.

Available in 10 different flavours, a choice which was not available to the consumers previously.
Available in convenient pack size of 25 string & tag tea bags for convenient use.
Foil sealed to preserve freshness and longer shelf life. Even after four years the teas will still be fresh.
Compact size - neatly fits in the shelves.
Attractive pricing - real value for the money.
Fair Trade and Organic certification logos printed on the boxes.

Available Products: