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Organic Coffee Roasters in Vancouver BC

At Pacific Coffee Roasters Inc. we are specialized coffee roasters in Vancouver BC. With each coffee roast we bring out the special flavor and aroma of the specific bean. You can brew a cup of coffee you can truly enjoy.

Our goal is to bring you, the consumer, closer to the origin of the country the bean comes from, and open a window to the world. We import only the finest coffees from around the world. We also offer fair trade certified organic coffee so you can travel the world one cup at a time.

Our main coffee roasting warehouse is located in Chilliwack, BC. This is where we roast for our customers the highest quality coffee from many different countries. On each coffee bag, our labels will show you the characteristics of the bean as well as what region the bean comes from.

All of our coffee beans are carefully sample roasted, cupped and judged by our team to make sure they meet our high standards of quality. In the coffee roasting world, this process is called cupping.

Why Fair Trade Coffee
We also import only the finest Fair Trade Certified Organic coffee. By purchasing only Fair Trade Certified coffee Pacific Coffee Roasters Inc. ensures that farmers and their communities receive fair value for their products. Through fair prices, farmers can support their families and create a better environment for their community. The fair trade practise benefits the consumer as well, by receiving superior product farmed without compromising the environment.

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