Place in the Sun Wine

Proudly Fairtrade, Proudly South African
We grow our wines in the rich biodiversity of the Western Cape which benefits from the influence of two seas, ancient soils and a magnificent floral kingdom.
The grapes we source are from regions certified under the Fair Label Organisation (FLO) Standards which forms part of Fairtrade wine farm requirements.
Our vision is to empower farm workers to uplift their communities, making for happy people and wines that reflect this joyful character.

About Us: Discover our story
Place in the Sun is an enticing range of delicious wines, which aims to deliver a spirit of optimism and joy to consumers. Grapes are sourced from the country’s premier winegrowing regions, certified by FLO-CERT under the Fair Label Organisation (FLO) Standards that form part of Fairtrade.

The wines in the range are proudly crafted to meticulous standards, ensuring that they are highly regarded both on the South African and international markets. They are bold and rich in varietal character but easy to drink, refreshing and soft on the palate.

South Africa: Working toward a brighter future
Place in the Sun Place in the Sun is a proudly South African brand that aims to actively contribute to social transformation and uplift the communities that contribute to the production of our wines. We’re a team of down to earth, passionate people who want to realise dreams and make things happen. We’re also lucky enough to harvest grapes grown in the Cape Winelands that benefit from the influence of two seas, ancient soils and a magnificent floral kingdom. Want to find out more? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

Fairtrade wine farms
As a Fairtrade certified wine, Place In the Sun is committed to creating wines, which speak to the spirit of social upliftment. The brand buys it’s grapes at a premium rate, with the profits going into a farm workers trust, to be used to build schools, fund training opportunities and create a vegetable garden to improve nutrition among the workers and their families.

There’s nothing more valuable than empowerment, which is why part of our vision is to help through trade rather than aid – to give the gift of knowledge and boost morale through inspiration. This means that by buying and enjoying Place in the Sun wines, you’re also supporting the local workforce and the community who they support. We believe that happy people make the best wines!

Deon Boshoff: Our cellar master
The Fairtrade credentials of Place in the Sun Wines are close to cellar master Deon Boshoff’s heart. He grew up the son of a farm worker in Grabouw in the Western Cape. “I was luckier than most.” He explains. “My education gave me a head start. I don’t have the constant and overwhelming anxiety of poverty plaguing me that my parents had when we were growing up. That gives you greater freedom to think and explore and develop.”

Furthermore it has an effect on the quality of the wines. “When the people who are growing and harvesting the grapes know they are a valued and integral part of winemaking, they take extra care and it shows in the quality of the grapes. I try to capture that sense of care by letting the fruit characters come through just as they are in Place in the Sun wines. It’s my way of honouring their role.”

What it means to be a Fairtrade wine farm

Waterkloof and Fransmanskraal, the wine farms from which we source grapes for our enticing Place in the Sun wine varietals, are certified by FLO-CERT under the Fair Label Organisation (FLO) Standards that form part of Fairtrade. The Fairtrade label stands for sustainability and justice in production and trade processes – and this is how we’re able to facilitate the empowerment of farmers and farm workers and encourage community upliftment.

Fairtrade farms are annually audited by FLO-CERT, which ensures transparency and reliability throughout the entire winemaking process. To further protect our Cape Floral Kingdom, we support eco-friendly wine-growing and winemaking principles; to prove it, all our wines carry a sustainability seal from the South African Wine and Spirit Board, demonstrating our commitment to production integrity.

How Place in the Sun fits in

As a part of the Fairtrade wine farming initiative, we’re proud to be producing wines that play a part in improving the quality of life of the workers at the farms who produce this exceptional range of wines. Our team believes that wines made by people who are filled with optimism boast exceptional flavour, which leads to greater enjoyment. When the people who are growing and harvesting grapes know they’re valued and an integral part of winemaking they take extra care and it shows in the quality of the grapes and in the final product.

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