About ReSIProcate

The idea behind reSIProcate was to create coffees focused on giving back, one sip at a time. By refraining from the use of pesticides, we’re taking a stand to protect and sustain the environment for generations to come, and by supporting local charities we’re enriching the lives of many Canadians. Socially and environmentally responsible, reSIProcate coffee comes with a true feel-good story and is available in several varietals and blends, to appeal to your customers’ good intentions and good taste.

From the bean Up
Canterbury was built on coffee. It’s our passion and our strength. And it’s why every roast we produce starts with 100% Arabica beans and our very own Roastmaster. As one of Canada’s select certified Q-Graders, John Gray chooses the green coffee we buy and spends hours in the cupping lab, crafting every roast, to guarantee that every Canterbury coffee is nothing short of exceptional.

Plant Certifications
A thriving coffee business depends on a healthy farming community, which is why we incorporate sustainable, ethical, and environmentally-responsible practices wherever possible. With this in mind, we are proud to have received fair trade, organic, Halal, kosher, and Safe Quality Food certifications for both of our roasting plants.

Fairtrade Canada
Fairtrade Canada uses the international logo, as do we. Products bearing the Fairtrade International logo have been independently certified as fair trade, assuring customers that producers and workers have been fairly compensated. Producers are also required to meet certain criteria, which include sustainable practices, labour standards, and democratic involvement.

British Columbia
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