RGC Coffee

Ron Gabbay, our President, co-founded the company in 1968 in Montreal.  When Ron started his coffee career, he had family already involved in the trade.
Ron has been part of the coffee industry for over 50 years.  His children, Nathalie and Jonathan, are third-generation coffee traders.

Throughout his years, Ron has instilled a strong value system and strict focus on quality, earning him and his company a stellar industry wide reputation.

As specialists in the premium and specialty coffee market, we offer roasters in-depth expertise about valuable opportunities in both the spot and forward coffee markets.
As forward-thinking business people, we promote sustainable development to preserve and enhance the communities and ecosystems where coffee grows.


Quality in the coffee and service we deliver.
Transparency in our pricing and activities in the market.
Flexible service that partners with you to track, recommend, develop and deliver coffee opportunities.
Adaptability to fast-changing markets and your evolving needs by offering tailored services.
Commitment to building long-term customer and supplier relationships and improving the communities and ecosystems where coffee grows.
Independent market insight.

Sustainability is not a fad for us.
It’s a critical business strategy.
It’s about stewardship of people, planet, and our product. For over a decade, it has been a crucial element in how we conduct our business.

When prices on the commodities market fell far below the cost of production in the mid-90s, we started to think differently about the work we needed to do to support and strengthen our supply chain. We began to pay premiums for our green coffees and looked for ways to bolster the communities upon which we all depend for our coffees.

We are committed to preserving the communities and ecosystems that make coffee flourish. At origin, all of our work prioritizes and supports environmental conservation, involves our partners to ensure collaboration, and can be categorized into three interdependent areas, our "3-E's": Elevate, Empower and Educate.

RGC's long-term suppliers are the strategic partners with whom we orchestrate relationship projects, facilitating roaster participation in efforts to collaborate directly with coffee-growing communities.

These efforts strive to strengthen our supply and roaster partnerships through:
-Proven, well-regarded, cost-effective programs that support a business case
-Customized programming that matches roaster interests and proprietary priorities
-Flexibility in the premium and donation levels that support these efforts, their focus, and the branding of these projects.

Environmental Stewardship
Working with nature guides all of our efforts because we all depend on these precious resources globally.

Knowledge and technologies are developed to:
-Encourage conservation of the environment and preserve biodiversity
-Help adapt to, and reduce the effects, of climate change
-Make efficient use of water to minimize waste and contamination
-Monitor soil, erosion, and the use of fertilizers to ensure best practices are implemented

Under our Corporate Stewardship Program, we uphold our "3-E’s" of work priorities for strengthening our value chain:  ELEVATE | EMPOWER | EDUCATE

From new aqueducts and classrooms to improved roads and hospitals, we have developed and supported projects that help enhance the quality of life in communities of coffee-growers.

When we partner with producing communities, we strive to expand horizons and opportunities in farming communities so their members can make empowered decisions to enhance their well-being.

Traditionally, many producers see farming as an activity instead of as a business. At RGC, we realize the importance of formalizing farming priorities to ensure sound business and stronger supply partners who make informed decisions about their operations.

These efforts are designed to bolster economic opportunity:
-Price premiums go to producers to enable them to bolster the infrastructures that support their communities
-We can work to devise traceability and transparency reports for projects
-Through our on-the-ground partners, access to credit is granted for improving coffee plantations
-Experts who know and understand local customs and conditions impart technical coffee knowledge to improve quality, productivity, and profitability

We continue to work hard to meet our goals and develop new programs.  Feel free to reach out to learn more about our current and future initiatives.

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