Rolling Meadow Dairy

Now B.C. Local!
We are excited to announce that we have partnered with local British Columbia milk producers to bring you local, grass fed milk. Our 2L and 4L jugs are produced right here in beautiful British Columbia!

Our Story
At Rolling Meadow Dairy we are proud to offer great tasting, nutritious grass fed dairy products. We are a proudly Canadian company and work with local milk producers in both Ontario and British Columbia to bring you premium, local, grass fed dairy. We allow our cows to graze on pasture as long as our Canadian weather will allow and ensure they are kept happy and healthy.

We’ve been told that having our cows eat grass year round is different and if that’s the case, we’re ok with being a little different!

We believe that all good things take time and that the great things are worth waiting for. Our farmers utilize practices that may not produce the highest quantity of milk, but they sure do produce great quality milk.

Like you, we feel that cows appreciate the little things like a long walk across a field or having the sun on your face during a sunny summers day. We believe in respect and dignity for our animals and partner with farmers who agree wholeheartedly with our position on animal welfare.

By understanding how we care for our animals you can feel good about drinking our milk knowing it came from farms that you would be proud of.

We can’t say for sure that our cows are happier but if you ask around we don’t think you’ll hear any complaints, maybe just a “moo” of approval!

Better Milk!
When cows graze, their manure is naturally distributed throughout the pasture, reducing the need for more intensive inputs that would otherwise be necessary to maintain the land. We can all play a role in ensuring we have beautiful pastures for generations to come.

Support Local
Our cows feed on pasture during the grazing season. In the winter months, they are fed grasses that were cut throughout the summer and fall. Our healthy cows eat grass year round.

British Columbia