Santa Digna Wine (Miguel Torres Chile)

Miguel Torres was the first foreign winery to establish itself in Chile. The Torres family chose Chile as an ideal location for the practice of winemaking owing to the excellent conditions for the development of wine industry. Miguel Torres Chile has arisen as one of the premier wineries of quality in Chile over the last 30 years. A family business with a presence in more than 100 countries its trademarks stand for quality wine, respect for the environment and social responsibility.

Arrival in Chile
Nearly 500 years ago, the first grapevine arrived in Chile, a special vine, brought by brave men who fought their way across rivers and mountains. This vine, known in Spain as Listán and called Misión in the colonies of the new world, would come be known by the name “País” in Chile.

A new proyect
In 2007 the University of Talca and Miguel Torres Chile joined forces to propose a project to the Foundation for Agrarian Innovation (FIA). Its goal: to study and research, over a three-year period, the potential of the grape varietal País.

At the beginning of 2008 it was decided to work with producers from Cauquenes, San Javier and Yumbel, a zone of small farmers in the VII and VIII Regions of Chile: About 8 wine growers who produce an average of nearly 2,500 kilos of grapes.

Estelado is born
In 2010, Miguel Torres Chile enologist Fernando Almeda and his team took charge of the project choosing to use the traditional method and the same process of in bottle second fermentation used in the elaboration of Champagne to work with the raw materials.

In this manner a unique sparkling wine was born, 100% Chilean and obtained from 100-year-old grapevines, a reward for the land and its people.

A dream come true, the new sparkling wine from the Torres family, Santa Digna Estelado.

Pais Variety

It comes from Europe and genetically corresponds to Listán Prieto which originated in the Canary Islands. In Chile it is cultivated in the dry regions of Maule and Bío Bío. In these zones rests the most ancient variety in Chile. Old and twisted vines with more than 100 years of existence that now occupy the an extension of close to 7,000 hectares and are cultivated by some 8.000 producers.

The profitability that these farmers obtain from this cultivation is low and restructuring is complex since, given the soils, its practically the only variety that will grow. Each bottle of Santa Digna Estelado consumed helps to create a demand and, as such, improve the conditions for the producers of the País variety, the most traditional and antique in Chile.

With Santa Digna Estelado, Miguel Torres Chile rediscovered the “País” variety, the oldest and most traditional vine.

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