Shuswap Coffee Company

About Shuswap Coffee Company
-We are a small specialty coffee roaster in Salmon Arm, BC
-We are Certified Organic and Licensed Fair Trade, because we believe it is important to support the agencies that keep the trail transparent from farmer to consumer
-We roast and ship on the same day for all of our “out-of-town” orders
-We embraced the first Café Femenino project (Peru) 5 years ago and have added each new Café Femenino country as they have become available
-Shuswap Coffee Company's pay-it-forward fund supports women and families in their own community as well as internationally

Our Committments
-All purchases from Certified Organic Co-operatives
-All purchases at or above Fair Trade prices
-Annual Organic and Transfair audits of our roasting facility at our expense
-Freshly Roasted Coffee that's never warehoused
-Commitments to Café Femenino "Pay It Foward" which is donated to women's causes locally and internationally

Our Mission Statement
The Shuswap Coffee Company Ltd. is proud to offer only Certified Organic Certified Fair Trade coffee. We have made it our mandate to help to ensure the long-term health of both the coffee communities and the environment in which the coffee is grown. We believe in roasting great coffee, but not at the expense of the farmers that produce it.

The change that fair trade wages have made in the lives of farmers is remarkable and long overdue. To do our green beans and their farmers justice, we roast each batch with delicate care and precision to offer you, our customers, the very best tasting coffee.

Why Fair Trade?
Approximately 80 to 90 percent of coffee comes from small farmers who cultivate shade-grown bushes on one to three hectares of land. This means that most of the coffee we consume every day comes from very poor people with small farms.

zFair Trade is a response to the conventional trading system which has left small-scale coffee farmers disadvantaged, depressed and in a vicious cycle of poverty. The inability to access fair prices forces farmers off of the land; unable to feed and support their families with their coffee crop.

The Goal
Fair Trade doesn't provide aid or charity but works toward the goal of more equitable trading relationships between producers and consumers. By guaranteeing a fair price for coffee crops, Fair Trade ensures that farmers make a living income which allows them to feed their families and continue to grow coffee. In addition, Fair Trade helps farmers access international markets and non-predatory loans for working capital.

Fair Trade also encourages traditional low-impact sustainable farming which small coffee farmers have traditionally followed, such as organic and shade-grown practices. Fair Trade ensures their ability to continue as responsible stewards of the land.

You & Fair Trade
Your coffee selection has the potential for powerful economic and social change. Use your power as a consumer to support Fair Trade as an alternative to the injustices of today's global coffee market.

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