Soluna Wines

Soluna was founded solely to preserve Argentina’s threatened tradition of small, family owned vineyards through fairtrade. Our 100% fairtrade commitment means every bottle of Soluna will directly improve the living conditions of our small farmers as well as the community.

Our logo and name Soluna reflects our mission: the union of the polarities of the sun (sol in Spanish) and the moon (luna) just as fairtrade bridges the divide between the rich and the poor, between the ‘developed’ and the ‘developing’ world.

But we also know fairtrade is only sustainable if we produce a superior tasting wine. That is why we have partnered with one of Argentina’s oldest wine producing families, the Furlottis, and recruited internationally acclaimed local winemakers, the Durigutti brothers. The result is wine that is the first choice for consumers who are committed to both social justice and premium quality wine.

Soluna is part of the Fairtrasa family, which exports quality fairtrade and organic produce and wine from Latin America’s smallest farmers around the world as a path developing a sustainable world.

Wine arrived in Argentina with its earliest Italian immigrants. And for generations Mendoza has been the thriving heart of this new tradition, its landscape dotted with small, family vineyards and wineries. But this heritage has come under threat since the economic crisis of 2001. The smallest growers are being squeezed out by large commercial operations and by rapid development that encroaches on their land and breaks up 80-year-old vineyards into small commercial lots.

In particular, the survival of 'contratistas' – a workforce unique to Argentina's vineyards – is in peril. Contratistas not only maintain the vineyards, they also live on the land with their families. Their income is a percentage of the grape harvest which suffered a significant decline after the peso devaluation. Contratistas are running the risk of extinction, with their numbers decreasing from an estimated 12,000 to a mere 4,000 in the past decade.


Soluna is made exclusively from grapes purchased from Viña de la Solidaridad (Vine of Solidarity), an association of 19 small growers and contratistas committed to preserving this unique working partnership and their small, family-owned vineyards. We guarantee a minimum fair price for their grapes regardless of the local and global commodity prices. And we pay an additional social premium that will be invested in education, health and other social projects for the benefit of the entire community.

All Soluna wines are fairtrade certified by FLO and have been praised by Nature & More, an independent foundation for our growers product quality, their ecological commitment and social engagement. So with each bottle of Soluna you enjoy, you are also guaranteed to improve the lives of small growers and contratistas and ensure this traditional way of life will endure for yet another generation.

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