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Since 2006 Spirit Bear Coffee Company has been sourcing and craft-roasting some of the finest organic and fair-trade coffee in the world. At coffee origins in South America we support the health of our farmers through organic farming methods and ensure that they are paid fairly via fair-trade premiums. Our mission is to deliver an exceptional coffee experience and to provide first nations communities and organizations who are stewards of the earth with economic assistance through fund-raising programs, donations and partnerships.

Quality — Perfecting the Drum
We seek to transform the coffee bean – the “prima material” – into rich, full-bodied nectar. By sourcing with fine flavour 100% Arabica varietals, and working with producers on post-harvest processing, we ensure quality from the start. With the use of artisan methods and attention to detail at every step, we craft-roast our beans into exquisite coffee. We create flavour infusions or blends that go beyond the ordinary with exceptional taste. Our coffee has received high regards, showing the rewards of sustainability. Our customer service offers excellence with a smile and we seek to help you unlock the full flavour of coffee through guided tasting tips.

Ecology — Drum Circling the earth
A love for the environment shaped our decision to use organic and sustainable grown coffee from farms that preserve and restore the traditional growing areas. Back at home, we continue to develop core sustainability principles for operations & purchasing, and bring forward a program entitled “Education for Preservation” to address issues concerning our fragile eco-system and natural environment.

Equity — Bringing everyone into the Drum Circle
We believe our customers, suppliers, employees, and community deserve respect and fair returns. In sourcing our coffee and other products, we seek direct, lasting partnerships with equitable pricing. We source our coffee from Fair Trade Certified Cooperatives, and privately held plantations that uphold equal or better standards for other suppliers. We seek to exceed customers’ expectations and earn their respect.

Community — Widening the Drum Circle
Community starts at the coffee farm, where producers are friends and partners. We support community development projects in sourcing countries through equitable prices and technical assistance. At our roaster, the spirit of family embraces us all. We support local, regional, and national communities through donations and active participation in community events. We are always happy to hear from our community of customers and learn how we’ve touched our lives, and what we can do better.

British Columbia
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