St. Joseph Island Coffee

Mission Statement

St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters is a family-run business that roasts fresh coffee from Fair Trade Certified and organic beans. And, we guarantee, it tastes good. We aim to create an environmentally, socially responsible business and to fuel others in Northern Ontario with similar goals. This way, we not only provide our customers with great-tasting coffee, but also a good feeling that buying a bag of our coffee contributes to the well-being of our community and to the larger world.

Our Company

At St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters, we are roast small batches of fairtrade coffee in our Roasting Shack. It's fresh, fair coffee, guaranteed.
We aim to create an environmentally and socially responsible business and to fuel others in Northern Ontario with similar goals. This way we can assure our customers that buying a bag of our coffee contributes to the well-being of our community and to the larger world.

Our Story

As parents, we started to pay more attention to our choices and crave a simpler, more meaningful way of making a living. As consumers, we started to investigate and buy socially and environmentally responsible products. This is when we discovered Fairtrade Certified coffee throughout Alberta and British Columbia. Buying Fair Trade Certified felt right.

We’re big “follow-your-gut” people. And, our guts told us we could start a fresh, fair coffee movement in Northern Ontario. We chose to start on St. Joseph Island, with its island-living mystique, and its vibrant farming and maple syrup communities.

Now we live in a charming, historic St. Joseph Island home and roast coffee in a refurbished maple syrup shack. Sometimes we have meetings by taking a walk down the logging road we call our “boardroom.”

Thanks to customers who enjoy our coffee and share our vision, that dream borne out of a gut feeling is off to a great start. Since we started stocking store shelves in June 2009, our sales have been growing and we’ve expanded our reach throughout the region. We are continually improving our roasting process and adding new coffees. Our retailers tell us they look forward to the aroma of our new deliveries.

We are also thrilled to be a part of the strong local food and progressive community development movement here in Northern Ontario. We aim to be an active supporter through our coffee donations, fundraising program, and by fuelling ideas and connections throughout Algoma via our community involvement.

St. Joseph Island
Located in the Northern Channel of Lake Huron, St. Joseph Island is a 40 minute drive east of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario along the TransCanada Highway. It is home to some of the largest Maple Syrup producers in Ontario and is known for its vibrant Arts scene.

Fresh, Fair Trade, and Organic

There’s a whole lot of good in each cup of our coffee.

Fairtrade Certified, organic farming practices are one of the fastest-growing segments in agriculture. Organic farming protects the farmers, wildlife, water systems, you, and us, from harmful chemicals. Fair Trade helps farmers and their workers earn enough to improve the lives of their families and build healthier, more prosperous communities.

At St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters, we purchase green coffee beans as directly as possible from the farmers. This removes the middlemen who profit at their expense. As a result, farmers get a fair price for their beans and are encouraged to adopt sustainable, organic growing techniques.

We purchase the majority of our coffee from Cooperative Coffees, as associate members (we’re currently too small to be members). Cooperative Coffees is a “green coffee importing cooperative, comprised of 23 community-based coffee roasters in the USA and Canada, who are committed to building and supporting fair and sustainable trade relationships for the benefit of farmers and their exporting cooperatives, families, and communities. ” (Read more at Cooperative Coffees is all about transparent Fair Trade and sustainable development alternatives in both the North and the South. And, of course, the highest quality coffee on the market.

All of our coffees are Fairtrade Certified by Fairtrade Canada  who is a member of the Fairtrade International.

All of our coffee comes to us Certified Organic, so why don’t we have a “Certified Organic” logo on our label? In order to label our coffee as Certified Organic we also have to get our roasting facility certified. This is a long, pricey process. We are working on it.
We are the only coffee roaster in Northern Ontario that guarantees good taste. If our coffee fails to meet your expectations, you can send it back at our expense.

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