About Tashodi
Tashodi bath and bodycare products begin with essential oils sourced from nature’s abundance. We work from the principle that using pure, clean ingredients keeps us radiant and healthy, and helps both people and the planet. The founders drew inspiration for their signature line from visits to Australia, France, Togo, Africa and Asia. There, they discovered the wonderful restorative qualities of indigenous plants, and went on to create Ocean Minerals, Pure Lavender, Green Coffee & Citrus and Japanese Peppermint & Lemongrass — heavenly combinations that both soothe and rejuvenate.

Tashodi believes that taking time to nurture ourselves through a regular self-care ritual creates a sense of inner peace that carries us with grace and purpose throughout our day. Our Fair Trade practices ensure that all individuals from producers to harvesters are paid a fair price for the work they do. In keeping with our passion for ethical and sustainable business practices, we’re proud that our products are 100 percent Canadian made.

Indulge in Tashodi with a clean, global conscience. Express your inner and outer beauty, and protect our beautiful planet and the people who live here.

Mission & Values
As Canada's leading fair trade bath and body care company, we are dedicated to our message and happy to share it with you. We purchase pure plant products from exotic parts of the world at a fair price and in fair working conditions. Tashodi products are made in Toronto with quality and care, in small & fresh batches. We combine the principles of fair trade, organic, hand-crafted with love, reusable & recyclable packaging to create products that ensure a 'globally-conscious self-indulgent' bathing ritual.

We know that a single shopping experience won't change the world… or will it? Because we only offer beautiful products with a commitment to people and the planet, your purchase is supporting 'Canadian-made' and sustainable business practices. When enough people decide to shop with awareness, our collective purchases have the potential to effectively re-balance our local and distant economies and mother nature. On that note, we wish you an exquisite Tashodi experience!

Brand Values (our core beliefs)
-We believe that health starts with natural ingredients: In nourishing the body with pure, clean ingredients
-We believe in a better planet: we believe that a better planet begins with nurturing ourselves, so that we might then nurture the world.
-We believe in growth: in growth inside our team, and growth for the Tashodi brand. We want to continue to get better and better at what we do, and how we reach people.
-We believe in a healthy balance with our planet: in affiliating ourselves with like minded businesses that are contributing to people and the natural world, and doing business in a sustainable way.

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