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At Tega Organic Tea, we have two simple goals: create the most delicious organic tea blends, and promote a healthy lifestyle through smart beverage choices. To get there, we’ve spent over 10 years crafting and experimenting with new tea blend combinations, iteration upon iteration to make sure we provide the best taste and quality.

We believe in Community, and that’s why we do our part to support Fair Trade initiatives at organic tea farms across the globe. Allowing others to take part in our vision, through giving back to communities and sharing in our growth has led us to keep dreaming – and keep blending. Our goal is to offer the most delicious, unique varieties of organic and fair trade teas online.

In 2003 , Liz Bandelin founded Nu-Tea Company Ltd. the parent company of Tega Tea. It started with a deep, personal connection to South Africa, the country where Liz spent her childhood years. She has a passion for health and wellness and a strong desire to make a difference. The international research on the benefits of Rooibos tea caught Liz’s attention at an opportune time in her life, and sparked her interest in sharing Africa’s premium quality organic herbal teas with North Americans.

Our mission is to be the most successful tea company in North America at providing the most unique, healthy and ethical tea experience. In doing so, Nu-Tea Company will meet customer expectations of having the highest quality tea experience, while striving to meet our own expectations of the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit.

Our vision is to craft the most naturally delicious, and ethically sourced beverages

Statement of Ethics
We commit ourselves to the highest ethical and professional conduct, while promoting fair trade and superior health to all communities. Our suppliers are selected based on their certifications and commitments to high standards of manufacturing and quality control. Nu-Tea is passionate about creating teas that taste great and support the health of our customers. We are committed to environmental sustainability and making a difference for the Fair trade farming communities in which our teas and herbs are grown.

We Believe in Karma
Beyond certification bodies like Fairtrade Canada, producers, and the companies that sell their products, there is a much larger Fair Trade community. This community certainly includes all of these actors, but it also includes individual citizens, schools, academics, unions, activists, religious organizations, and more, all unified in their desire to make the world a better place and all bringing their own ideas and perspectives to the table.

Tega supports Fair Trade by paying a premium for our ingredients which we source from Fairtrade Certified suppliers. We also pay an additional 50 cents for every kilogram of fairtrade tea that we sell annually. These funds go to supporting Fairtrade Canada and growing the Fairtrade Initiative.

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