Theobroma Chocolat


Theobroma Chocolate: gourmet and organic
At the heart of the approach of Josée Vigneault and Jean-René Lemire, a couple in life and co-founders of Theobroma Chocolattm, there is a philosophy of balancing the quality of products and the harmony in which they Are developed.

Founded in 2006 in the Quebec City area, Theobroma Chocolattm specializes in the manufacture and manufacture of non-GMO and gluten-free chocolates, made with pure, natural and fully organic cocoa bases.

The company stands out today by owning Ecocert's first organic processing plant in Canada. It favors partnerships with producers recognized for their know-how as well as with master craftsmen and companies that have developed processes to preserve the qualities proper to natural and organic ingredients.


The primary mission of Theobroma Chocolat is to produce a variety of organic chocolates of unrivaled and innovative quality. The chocolate produced in the laboratories of Theobroma is unique and is intended to benefit both its clientele and the planet.

The creative and innovative spirit of Theobroma Chocolat is such that our customers can only enjoy a certain pleasure in rediscovering cocoa in multiple forms of presentation and flavors.


The philosophy advocated by Theobroma Chocolat is to favor a balance between the quality of our products and the harmony in which they are developed. The philosophy of Theobroma Chocolat also favors mutual respect between the human and physical environments.

The production and use of recyclable and renewable materials are priorities for Theobroma Chocolat. We are constantly looking for innovations likely to favor sustainable development.


The fairtrade certification is undoubtedly a reflection of the human leadership that exist at Theobroma Chocolat. As much concerned by the well-being of their immediate employees, the leaders at Theobroma Chocolat have at heart the well-being of the foreign producer that participate to the success and quality of the products made at Theobroma Chocolat. It is in that perspective that the adhesion to the fairtrade certification take on its full meaning. By buying fairtrade chocolate, Theobroma Chocolat and yourself, are assured that all producers receive the fair price for their products that minimally bear the cost of their production, that equality of gender are respected and that local development is encouraged. Also, it provides a long-term commitment from the North American chocolate producers.

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