Time Out Products

Time Out Products is very pleased to bring to you our Martin & Stewart line of high quality teas. These teas are truly the finest tasting teas available. Our secret is very simple; we source exhaustively for only the best tasting ingredients, and we do not use any artificial flavourings, or preservatives.

We grind or mill virtually all of our ingredients in our own facilities so as to ensure that we are using only the freshest tasting spices and herbs. We take great pride in the fact that many retailers have told us that customers that buy our teas come back to buy them again, both for themselves and for gift giving. We are very much a Canadian company, blending and packaging our teas right here in Canada, not thousands of miles away.

We offer custom packaging and a tea blending service for those customers that wish to integrate our high quality teas into their own product lines. Our teas are available packed in boxes, pouches or tins, either in standard tea bags or as loose leaf teas. Time In for Quality.

-We grind and mill our ingredients onsite to bring out the richest flavours.
-All of our teas are blended and packaged in Canada to bring you the freshest teas possible.
-As proud members of TransFair Canada we are working with a growing range of Fair Trade certified ingredients.
-Our teas are Kosher certified, we only use natural ingredients, no artificial flavours or preservatives

Available Products: