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Voets Kaffee was founded in Krefeld Germany in 1929. In 1983 Max Voets relocated his fathers business to Vernon BC in the Okanagan Valley, Canada. The business prospered and Max Voets made the decision to build a facility dedicated to fresh roast and grind gourmet coffee. Voets Coffee remains today a BC owned family business. Marion Voets is best known for her latest offering to the coffee industry, Tribal Organics.

Our commitment to quality is as strong today as 75 years ago! For generations, the Voets family have selected only the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans available. Years of roasting skills have resulted in an enjoyable and satisfying drinking experience.      

Why "100% Arabica Beans" Seventy percent of all coffee beans grown are Arabica, which grows best at higher elevations in tropical or sub tropical climates. Arabica beans before roasting are said to smell of blueberries, giving the roasted beans a sweet smell. Arabica beans are generally more flavorful than Robusta and considered higher quality.

What is "Fresh Roast To Order" Your coffee will be roasted and shipped within a 24 hour period. Our master roasters not just roast but cup our roasted coffees daily to ensure quality. By blending the Tradition of small batch roasting and introducing new Technology into our process we are confident we are extracting the most out of every bean roasted.

Our customer services, Wholesale/retail coffee sales, Custom roasting/grinding, Private label package development, Custom built bulk dispensing systems, Office/restaurant food service equipment, and espresso equipment sales and service.

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Coffee farmers are extremely vulnerable to the volatile international market. It takes four years for a coffee plant to yield fruit – making it very difficult for farmers to respond quickly to fluctuating market prices. Fair Trade offers an alternative to conventional coffee markets. Through Fairtrade certification, coffee producers are offered a minimum price that covers the costs of sustainable production. FLO ID : 18178

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