Twiggs Coffee Company


If you are not sure what we mean by that, it’s okay – it can be a little confusing when you are not used to Twiggs and the freshest coffee in town. We can make this claim and we can back it up because we actually blend and roast our coffee beans in house, every day. It can be a difficult process, but we have honed our skills and fine-tuned our recipes to the point that we can guarantee a unique and satisfying fresh cup of coffee each and every time.

We pride ourselves in providing the best cup of coffee around, in a clean and comfortable environment. Come see us, and sample some of our delicious homemade lunches, desserts, specialty teas and coffees, and a wide assortment of fresh juices.

At Twiggs, we take pride in providing the freshest coffee along with excellent customer service that is reinforced by our extensive staff training. We maintain a high standard in serving only the freshest and healthiest menu selections and take pride in not succumbing to the high profit alternative of fast foods: Our juice bar features fresh juice squeezed to order, our bread and meats are delivered every morning from a local bakery and butcher, and our baking is done in-house every morning using our own recipes.

Our employees enjoy working in an fun, motivational work environment with a great team. We ensure that each team member receives complete training and has all of the necessary certification and skills in place to perform their duties. This sense of responsibility extends throughout our entire operation and we have also taken a firm stance towards environmental responsibility. We offer only Fair Trade organic coffee and a selection of organic teas, we use china cups in-store to reduce waste, and we are working with a company to develop an eco-sense paper cup that is 100% biodegradable.


Fair Trade coffee beans are part of a social movement born out of the necessity to empower developing country producers and promote sustainability. The movement advocates that a fair price is paid for goods while promoting improved social and environmental standards in areas responsible for the production of a wide variety of goods.

The goal of Fair Trade is to intentionally deal with marginalized producers and workers to help them become economically self-sufficient. By empowering these producers and workers to become stakeholders in their business they are able to play a larger role in the global arena and achieve greater equity in international trade.

Twiggs is a registered licensee of TransFair Canada. By using only Fair Trade certified coffee, Twiggs is able to directly support the people who cultivate, harvest, and provide us with the top quality beans that go into our fresh roasted cups of coffee.

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