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VOLO is one of North America’s leading Fair Trade performance soccer balls made for players at all levels.

VOLO produces great soccer balls. We’ve done so for schools, universities, clubs, non-profit organizations, corporations, faith groups, and sporting events. Our soccer balls are made in Pakistan where they’ve been crafting the world’s best balls for over 100 years. They’re also the only country that produces Fair Trade soccer balls.

Just as players form a relationship with their game, so too has VOLO built a relationship with the people behind their soccer balls. VOLO connects the dots between the producers and the pitch. Being a Fairtrade Certified and FIFA performance quality soccer ball, VOLO shows we can have both great performance and great story in every ball.

The story of a great soccer ball starts with the people who handcraft each one to standard, but it ends with you. They made it. Now go make it fly.


Our mission is to make great performance soccer balls that help empower people against and out of poverty.

Every VOLO Soccer Ball meets FIFA performance standards making sure players are empowered with top quality equipment. Now you’ve got the power.

VOLO offers players principled performance. The Fairtrade certification mark on every ball assures players that it was produced under safe and fair work conditions and without the use of child labour. That matters.

VOLO soccer balls deliver on your command. Plot a flight path. Tell it where to go. Strike. Volley. Pass. Launch VOLO and watch it fly.

British Columbia
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