Winds of Change

Winds of change

Inspired by Mandela’s quest and ambition, Sonop Wine Farm established an empowerment project in support of restoring the hope and pride of a community too long oppressed. This project gave rise to a brand today known as Winds of Change in celebration and commemoration of a rich history daring to change. Today the members of the community are proud owners of their own land on Sonop Wine Farm. The Winds of Change brand is a product developed in celebration of the change and freedom inspired by Nelson Mandela.

Fairtrade standards
In 1997, after identifying the specific needs of the local community, particularly of the workers of the Sonop wine farm, Jacques Germanier established the Mountain View Community Property  Association (CPA).

Sonop gave 10 ha of fertile land to the CPA to enable the workers to grow their own vineyard and their own food at their own benefit. Moreover, Jacques Germanier has been providing them with continuous training, technical assistance and adequate machinery.

Each member of the community permanently employed on the premises belongs to a provident fund as well as to a medical fund, and has access to adult education.

Since the end of 2003, the Sonop Wine Farm and the CPA way of working have met the international Fairtrade standards. A share of every Fairtrade bottle sold is given back to the workers.

Organic, natural and Fairtrade wine as a consistency: Respect of Nature and consideration for the people complement naturally when it comes to growing grapes, to making wine and to selling it.

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