About Us
Palestine Peace Awareness Inc. is a registered non-profit organization. Proceeds are used to directly benefit Palestinian farmers and children living in occupied Palestine and to create awareness for peace in Palestine. The name "Zatoun" could not be registered because the legal name of a non-profit must reflect its purpose. However, Zatoun continues as our trade name because it speaks to people through its Arabic character and direct translation to the word "olive".

Zatoun helps to create a context based in ordinary everyday life to view and discuss the situation in Palestine-Israel. No longer is it an abstract geopolitical issue involving power elites and undefined national interest.

Support the farmers of Palestine in the struggle for their livelihood and land.

Partners in Palestine
Farmers are paid fair trade prices through PFTA. Also, one dollar of each bottle sold will go to help support Project Hope, an arts and education program for young people in Palestine. An additional amount goes to replant olive trees inside Palestine which have been destroyed by the occupation.

Zatoun is the Arabic word for "olive" and has been chosen because it expresses the essence of Palestine.

Zatoun extra virgin olive oil is certified fair trade under Swiss-based Institute for MarketEcology (IMO) which maintains a worldwide staff to develop, certify and maintain standards for social accountability and fair trade. IMO developed fair trade standards with alestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA) for olive oil where none existed previously.

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