The Zazu Story
In 2003, a group of female friends ventured on a pedal powered excursion to an island off the coast of British Columbia. Although storage space on the bike trip was limited, chocolate was one item that found space in each rucksack. A conversation sparked that evening about their mutually held cravings for this decadent dark substance. The group shared how they enjoy chocolate but all agreed there could be better options : a gourmet chocolate that is delicious, ethical with natural healthy ingredients to meet our needs. In other words, what the planet really needed was organic, fair-trade chocolate with superfood ingredients. This was the inception of Zazubean Organic Chocolates. After the bike trip, Zazubean co-founder Tiziana Ienna began her work in the chocolate lab. First, she began by studying the history and origins of chocolate. A physiologist by trade, she also examined the benefits of certain plants and fruits for a healthy lifestyle while concurrently working on a variety of unique chocolate recipes. As her excitement grew, a new chocolate lover joined the Zazu team, Tara Gilbert, with expertise in social responsibility and business development. They engaged a number of experts including a Swiss chocolatier, an herbalist, and a food scientist. Together, the group scoured the globe in search of the finest organic, fair-trade ingredients to make the Zazubean bar a reality. Zazubean Organic Chocolates produces Canada’s first line of superfood gourmet chocolate. In keeping with the company’s philosophy, all of Zazubean’s chocolate is dark (most over 70%) to maximize health properties, certified organic to ensure our food and planet is kept safe. It is also certified fair-trade, ensuring that all people connected to the product have been treated with dignity and respect. If you have not already tasted our chocolate, we invite you to join the healthy indulgence of Zazubean Organic Chocolate at a market near you.

Good for the Growers
Every time you purchase Zazubean chocolates you are making a choice to help farmers and their families have a better living by ensuring that they get a fair wage for their cocoa beans, coffee and sugar. Look for the Fair-trade logo it guarantees that no forced child labour and slavery was used in bringing this enlightened chocolate to you.

The Fair for Life Social and fair trade certification takes one step further. It guarantees that human rights are guaranteed at any stage of production, that workers enjoy good and fair working conditions and that smallholder farmers receive a fair share. Fair trade improves the livelihood of thousands of smallholder farmers and workers by providing the means for social community projects and empowerment of people.

Good for the Planet
USDA’s National Organic Program regulates the standards for any farm
100% Organic- USDA – National Organic Program

All ingredients in Zazubean chocolates are 100% organic certified by USDA, this ensures consumers that all ingredients in the chocolates are grown, processed and handled in a way that is consistent with the national organic standards.  Meaning that the methods used integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering may not be used.

Why Organic?
Cocoa beans are one of the most pesticide intensive crops in the world. Because Zazubean cares about health, all the beans in our chocolate are organically farmed using traditional shade grown agriculture that is pesticide free which protects not only your health, but the species living in these organic cocoa producing areas.

Good for You
Chocolate is good for you, but not all chocolate is good for you. Zazubean is committed to making good dark chocolate ( > 70% cacao) by putting only good clean ingredients into every bar that are organic, gluten-free, soy-free & Gmo-free.

There is a reason why the Mayan’s & Aztec’s believed that Cacao was a gift of the gods, because this rich flavoured bean that grew on trees was made into a hearty drink that was nutritious and believed to have healing properties. Today, scientists still believe this and have found that dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants (Flavonoids) that may even protect against heart disease and high blood pressure by reducing the bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol HDL. Eating chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% and above is much healthier because of health properties of cocoa and the lowered sugar content.

Does chocolate make you fat? Chocolate does have cocoa butter in it, but the majority of these plant fats in chocolate are the cholesterol lowering fats. The key is moderation, you can enjoy 2 oz ( good chocolate) a day and not feel guilty.

When I was in Switzerland visiting chocolate factories (where else would you go to find the best chocolate in the world). I could not help notice that all the employees in the factory were not overweight. I asked the CEO in one of facilities that I visited how she managed to stay so slim surrounded by all this delicious chocolate. She looked at me with a puzzled look as if I was crazy and said to me “chocolate does not make you fat”. I have to agree as the Co-Founder of Zazubean, I eat chocolate every day and I can attest that it does not make me fat. In fact I feel much healthier because of that little treat that I allow myself every day and sometimes several times a day.

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