Fair Trade Coffee: do direct imported coffees provide better opportunities for producing countries?

Manik Mehta
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Its motto is to promote the idea of "fair trade" with countries of the third world. The Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Partnerschaft mit der Dritten Welt, or GEPA, for short, based in Schwelm has been espousing this cause since sometime. Last month, GEPA presented in Frankfurt a product which would further improve the conditions for producers of commodities in the third world.
The new product called "Cafe Autentico" is one of the first coffee products in Germany to be produced, roasted, filled, and packed in the cultivating country. The coffee comes from the Costa Rican cooperative Coocafe, an amalgam of seven production cooperatives which organize particularly the small farmers with a cultivation area of between one and two hectares. […]