Marketing Ethic Apparel: Single or Multiple Consumer Segments?

Mary L. Littrell, Jennifer Ogle, and Soyoung Kim
Publication Date: 
This research was designed to generate inductively distinguishable clusters of ethnic apparel consumers; theoretical propositions describing these clusters were intended as a comparative benchmark for further research as a guidance for marketing of ethnic apparel to definable consumer segments.
Data were collected from a nationwide mail survey (n = 348) of ethnic apparel consumers. Clothing benefits, attitudes toward alternative trading organisations, beliefs about world issues, personal values, patronage commitment, and demographic characteristics were measured. Consumer clusters were formed and analysed through principal component, cluster, MANOVA, ANOVA and chi square analysis. Two distinguishable clusters emerged with salient differences relative to creativity and individuality, culture-specific versus pancultural focus, body size and camouflage, interest in fashion, hedonic experience and design complexity. Recommendations for further research and for marketing to multiple consumer segments were offered.