One Cup at a Time: Fair Trade and Poverty Alleviation in Latin America

Douglas Murray, Laura T. Raynolds, and Peter Leigh Taylor
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Most observers agree that Fair Trade cannot solve all the problems of poverty in the South. At the same time, many acknowledge Fair Trade has had a signifi cant impact on the well-being of those producers who joined in on the emerging alternative trade movement. But difficult questions remain.
• What are the real benefi ts of the Fair Trade movement? • Can the benefi ts of Fair Trade be sustained over time? • Can Fair Trade grow to encompass a greater number of farmers and communities throughout the developing world? • Can Fair Trade be expanded to encompass not only poor farmers, but also other sectors connecting Southern producers and Northern consumers? Answering these questions is an ambitious and long-term venture. Yet there is an urgency to this venture as well. The answers to these questions are crucial not only to the future of millions of impoverished rural producers in the South; they also represent an opportunity for understanding the future prospects for sustainable and equitable development on a global scale.