The Role of Fair Trade Principles Within Sustainable Development

Carolyn Strong
Publication Date: 
This conceptual paper addresses the challenge of how sustainable development can be achieved, suggesting that fair trade has a part to play within the paradigm of sustainable development.
The relationship between customers and the environment is discussed within the context of sustainable development and the means by which it can be achieved. The idea of sustainable development is presented, incorporating the ’human’ aspect of sustainability and the role of ’people’ in its achievement and more, specifically, the role of fair trade principles. Fair trade is a concept of trade in which the trading partners seek to establish an equal basis of exchange between the developed and the less developed countries. In addition to seeking a fairer relationship, the aim is to establish a more direct relationship between groups of producers and consumers in the two worlds, and a greater understanding among consumers of the need of the producers for support for their independent development. It is suggested that the implementation of fair trade principles can contribute to the development of long-term sustainable development.