Designations Map

Towns, Campuses and Schools Working Toward Designations

Towns Campuses Schools
Calgary, AB BC Institute of Technology, BC Ecole Deer Meadow School, AB
Montreal, QC Dalhousie University, NS Lawrence Heights Middle School, ON
Oakville, ON Laval University, QC Pierre Elliot Trudeau High School, ON
Ottawa, ON McMaster University, ON Sisler High, MB
Saskatoon, SK Queens University, ON Warren Collegiate, MB
Woodstock, ON Red River College, MB  
\ Ryerson University, ON  
  UBC - Okanogan, BC  
  Université de Saint-Boniface, MB  
  University of Alberta, AB  
  University of Manitoba, MB  
  University of Regina, SK  
  University of Toronto - St George, ON  
  University of Waterloo, ON  
  University of Windsor, ON  
  York University, ON