Fair Trade Ambassadors

Fair Trade Ambassador LogoThe Fair Trade Ambassador Program is about bringing people into the fair trade community and creating leaders who can help to spread the fair trade message across the country. With 1.66 million farmers and workers within the global Fairtrade system, you can play a very real and direct role in ensuring that they live more sustainable livelihoods and build stronger, more resilient communities. 

The Ambassador Program recognizes all individuals for demonstrating strong commitment to fair trade through their passion and dedication. It’s designed to support the fair trade leaders of today and empower the fair trade leaders of tomorrow. The length of your commitment is one year. We will make sure that your involvement suits your schedule and interests.

Fair Trade Ambassador Requirements:

  1. Send in your application
  2. Go through a training (this will either be online or in-person based on where you are)
  3. Fill in your Personal Action Plan (don't worry, we're here to help!)
  4. Get started!
  5. Check in with us every four months.

*We are currently developing materials and online resources for the Ambassador Program. Please check again for updates on how to apply soon!