Fair Trade Business Forum - January 10th, 2013

Date: Thursday January 10th, 2013 | Time: 8:30am – 5:30pm | Location: The Hyatt Regency Hotel | 700 Centre Street Southwest, Calgary, AB. T2G 5P6

The CFTN will be hosting a Fair Trade business forum on January 10th in Calgary, Alberta. We would like to welcome Fair Trade Businesses of all size to join in the discussion. We will look to challenge norms and assumptions and look toward creative solutions to overcoming barriers.

Notes: This forum will run alongside a CFTN board meeting on the 10th, the CFTN AGM and national conference on the 11th (follow this link to register) and EWB National Conference on 12th, 13th and 14th. We welcome your participation through the 10th and 11th and encourage your attendance over the weekend with EWB Canada. 

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Plans for this forum are as follows:

A vision for the day: We will set the framework and define the action plan to take fair trade businesses to the next level in Canada. This will be a participatory session designed to expand our thinking into new possibilities.

Desired outcomes for the day: By creating synergies among fair trade businesses we will be able to catalyse on our collective strengths and abilities in a way that will move fair trade further and faster.  This in turn will not only benefit our own businesses but will increase the impact for fair trade producers.

The program for the day

The day will be divided into two different sessions:

  • Session One – Visioning a bright future for fair trade business in Canada 9 am to 3:15 pm
  • Session Two - Dialogue with Fairtrade Canada 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm


Session One - (Morning) – Visioning a bright future for Fair trade business in Canada

A session built around addressing opportunities for Fair Trade business in Canada and finding collaborative ways to move these forward

Time: 830am – 12:00pm

Facilitator:  Jennifer Williams, La Siembra Co-operative (Camino)



8:30 – Introductions - The facilitator, the session, why the session and the participants.

8:45 – Ice breakers

9:30 – Discussion Topic One - What called you to get involved in fair trade and what does FT mean to you?

10:00 – Discussion Topic Two - What does success look like for Fair trade in Canada?

10:30am – BREAK

10:45 – Discussion Topic Three - How does your organization support this vision?  What more could you be doing?  What’s in your way?

12:00 –1:00 – LUNCH - Light lunch 

Session  One - con’t (Afternoon) – Visioning a bright future for Fair Trade business in Canada

Time: 1pm – 3:15pm


Agenda:  What are the common opportunities and how do we achieve these?

1:00 – Discussion Topic Four - How do we move towards the vision of FT success?  How can we be of service to the mission of fair trade and to each other as fair trade businesses?

2:00 - Cross over segment with the CFTN Board and Advisory council  - An update on progress made.

3:15 - 3:30 – Break - coffee and snack


Session Two - (Afternoon) – Business Development with Fairtrade Canada

A discussion with licensees and other Fair Trade companies with Fairtrade Canada.

Time: 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Facilitator:  Tia Loftsgard



  • Introduction to Tom Smith - The new Executive Director of Fairtrade Canada
  • A review of governance updates for Fairtrade Canada and Fairtrade International
  • An overview of growth and challenges of the Fairtrade Sector in North America – a call for participants for Commercial Relations Committee
  • A review of recent activities and program plans for 2013 and a general call for what more the commercial actors would like to see from Fairtrade Canada 

5:30 – FINISH

END OF DAY Social – Drinks and dinner

Time: 6:30pm onward | Location: Belgo Brasserie - 501 - 8th Avenue SW, corner of 4th Street and 8th Avenue SW.

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